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  2. niode

    wayland support

    I was recently extolling the virtues of Synergy to my partner as they wanted a solution by which they could control their windows gaming PC from their laptop running linux. But since you still don't support wayland this has caused them to look elsewhere for alternatives. You have lost a sale because of this.
  3. Albert Kinng

    Synergy Won't Run on OSX 10.10.5

    I Talk with Support, and I was able to installed it on a Mac Mini 2012 running 10.10.5 but it doesn't find any other machine on the network! Even the Mac with Ubuntu 22 can't find the Mac either! any help on server set up will be appreciated.
  4. jonathon_b

    wayland support

    Sad. Latest update to Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS breaks synergy, siting wayland. Have a feeling as more and more LTS'ers (who want a stable, as largely unmodified work environment as possible) update that this will become a larger pain-point. Synergy 3 won't be out till next year, so that will not offer any relief.
  5. NULLbit

    horrible mouse lag?

    Long time user of Synergy here - I have run into these problems in the past as well. Some notes that may help. - Your external network speeds (speedtest.net results) don't matter unless you are attempting to share the keyboard / mouse / clipboard over a VPN connection. That would probably be pretty slow anyway. - To get a feel for your local network speed (on windows systems) go to network and sharing center, determine the active connection, click the link in connections. In the populated status page under Connection look for "Speed". This is the negotiated local link speed on your n
  6. yongar

    wayland support

    In my case, I was panicking and had to do a lot of research to get to this forum and found old thread as well. I wish there is more information when/if they are going to implement support for Wayland. I cannot also just blame Symless not working on this since I have found a few other screen related products are not supporting Wayland yet. So, there must be something it is difficult to support Wayland right away.
  7. Richard Guest

    wayland support

    I just went Fedora 35->36 and had a bit of a panic when it defaulted to Wayland and Synergy failed to run. Just adding another +1 for a double paid up user, waiting patiently.
  8. DaManDOH

    wayland support

    +1 to this feature as a licensed user on Ubuntu 22 (Jellyfish) needing Wayland support. Commenting here as the many GitHub requests for this feature were evidently insufficient. https://github.com/symless/synergy-core/issues/4090#issuecomment-1000183281
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  10. Shawn Hall

    very simple request: Latest stable build link

    agreed. frankly, I'd be just as happy to have a single place on the symless site that didn't require me to login to find out that a new build was released so I could automate checking daily for new releases. the releases page requires a login, which means that there's no way to find out the current release notes unless you're logged in, there's no feeds from the site and the only thing close to the current version number is on their public synergy-core repository, but the changelogs don't match and the release dates don't always match either.
  11. zip

    Full screen gaming and Synergy

    Sadly not a good solution for playing windowed fullscreen games. It keeps switching the mouse to the second device.
  12. I have connected a MacMini as client which has multiple displays connected through a Plugable Hub. The Configuration uses DisplayLink. Whenever i move my Mouse from the Server to the Client the Mousecursor is kind of stuck in a lets say 0.1-0.2cm range on the Client Monitor. I am able to Move the cursor up and down in the range, but to be able to "move over" this 0.1cm range and be able to fully access the client Monitor i have to push the Mouse kind of hard. So the transition is anything but not smooth. At the Moment i'm have configured Hotkeys in Synergy to switc
  13. Hi, how am i able to wake up my MacMini from Sleep with Synergy (v1.145.5) i also have assigned hotkeys in synergy to switch between the computers but they dont help in this situation. regards jan
  14. When I try to connect my client to the server, Synergy prompts me to confirm the fingerprint. This seems to be a new thing as it never used to do that. Is there any way to disable that prompt? It makes it so that I can't have it start up and connect automatically without physically attaching a keyboard to the client computer.
  15. Does anyone maintain old backports? I have an older U14 system that I need to put Synergy 1.14.5 (pro) on. (or is it easier to just compile the tarball? Is that Synergy-CORE? Will synergy-core 1.14.5 work with the older 1.8.8 UI?) T.Weeks
  16. I've been a synergy user for over a decade.. but have been fighting this issue for over a year now... Admittedly.. I'm on pro v1.8 as I don't upgrade things that are stable and which don't have security issues.. but I guess it's time finally jump into this upgrade. I'll report my findings.. T.Weeks
  17. AliceNoel

    Synergy 3 UI

    It's too similar to the Windows 8 tile look, i don't care for it very much. I prefer the current look of Synergy 1, MacOS takes it a step further and applies a dark theme to it. Synergy 1 Synergy 3
  18. floopowder

    OSX Hotkey Issues

    Problem persists.
  19. For me it worked by adding the US keyboard but without select it. So you keep US-International selected, but having US as a second option (even if unselect) seems to make all the difference and now I can use "quotes" and the apostrophe. ps.: For using quotes and apostrophe right before a letter it will work just as usual, but for adding it before space, you may need to hit the space key twice.
  20. r00ntje

    Copy and Paste stops working

    An example where the problem is not due to settings/bug from Symless: I tried to copy code from one system to another with Synergy 2. Copying the code from Visual Studio Code didn't work. Opening the same code in Atom (another IDE), I could copy from the same file and paste it in my other system Visual Studio Code file. TLDR: try different programs from where you're copying...
  21. phuzE

    Share audio from one computer to another

    You guys can use voicemeeter banana for this. It's a bit of a complicated setup, but it works well. https://modcrash.com/perfect-audio-for-dual-pc-streaming-setup-using-voicemeeter-banana-with-vban/
  22. Kornect

    Clipboard Sharing & Drag and Drop

    Bought the ultimate edition and I'm getting this issue as well
  23. fromage9747

    Mouse locks to server screen

    I had been using an old release of Synergy 1 for quite a few years. At least 4 years old and other than the clipboard not updating and requiring a restart it worked alright. I had to do a fresh install of my PC and thought that I should use the latest version of Synergy 1 which I regret. Now I have issues where the mouse will lock to the server screen. The mouse will go over to the second or third screen on my left and right but be pulled back immediately to the server screen. Its a huge PITA. Is this a known issue? Any workaround? I have attached the "About" to this p
  24. I am running synergy between 2 machines each with 2 monitors. If I open a windows remote desktop session. The mouse cursor is likely to disappear... I can use keyboard shortcuts, but no control or visibility for mouse on either system. This only happens when I open an RDP session and I can regain control if I shutdown the second system.
  25. Having the same issue. If RDP and Synergy are running, Curse disappears and have to force restart OR shutdown the 2nd machine running synergy and regain mouse control.
  26. AliceNoel

    Clipboard Sharing & Drag and Drop

    I want to update this thread: Copy and paste functionality is listed as a main feature in the Synergy Ultimate package that was newly introduced, so it wouldn't make since for the feature to be disabled and if it's not disabled why isn't it working? Note: From my understanding Synergy Pro and Synergy Ultimate are basically the same aside from the maintenance license so the copy and paste function should work in Synergy Pro if i'm not mistaken?
  27. sasklacz

    Keyboard layout switches between machines

    Have you thought about fixing this ? It's 2022 I have a Dvorak keyboard and randomly my layout will switch to Qwerty or something even different on both the server and the other machine. Windows 10/OSX 10.14
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