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  2. Also still having issues with 1.14.1
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  4. I've had Synergy for a long time but haven't gotten around to having a use for it until now. I have a very infuriating problem, when trying to type the Danish letters 'ÆØÅ' and some other characters like ' ¨ ' on the sever (Windows) it won't type the letters on macOS (client). Both computers use the same keyboard language. It's not like another letter is written or something, nothing happens at all. I can find absolutely nothing about this problem anywhere. Hope someone here can help as the program is otherwise unusable. Thanks for any help.
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  6. sitaochen

    Client mouse scroll not working

    Thanks for this great tips! I have been suffering for a year, and now the mystery is resolved.
  7. Hi Marcepan, After much frustration I found this thread and implemented the solution using the following setup: Server: Synergy Pro 1.13.1 Ubuntu Client: Synergy Pro 1.11.1 Windows Cisco AnyConnect VPN (on Ubuntu) No-IP DDNS Sagem WiFi Router (supports DHCP reservation, DDNS and port forwarding) It works beautifully. Thank you for posting!
  8. MEC

    Three finger Swipe on Client

    New user, purchased just today, ran into this within 10 minutes (part of normal work flow on two macs), now after a refund...
  9. Allways find the mouse pointer using this Windows option. It's not working on V1.14.0: When the mouse is on a (Win10) client, the circle is shown in the middle of the main screen on the server
  10. Hello. I previously used a software named Neslo Desktop Rover, since about 2005. Unfortunately it is now abandoned and its web site (<- link to latest archive) disappeared since 2015. An attempt has been made for selling its source code, but apparently nobody has taken it. My copy it still working, but unfortunately it has never been ported on any system other than Windows. It works quite well, it is able to cut and paste file across shares, and everything is reciprocal on it : no server, no client, any mouse and keyboard on any computer can drive any other, you can remove any c
  11. Fotis Barkas

    Better Multi language support

    Hello to everyone. Have this issue been resolved? I am still unable to switch keyboard input in the client computer.
  12. I switched to Microsoft Garage's Mouse without Borders. Sadly it's just for Windows machines, but the upside is that it performs better, supports all nonstandard characters unlike Synergy and doesn't require a license. It also performs better when one host is on login screen and has actually working file copy between computers which is a feature I never could use in Synergy. Also the clipboard seems to never fail me unlike Synergy.
  13. I must admit that I've never used Synergy over WiFi, but it's easy to believe that it works best over Ethernet. They say that that an alpha of version 3 is coming this year and I'm sure I read that my licence for version 2 will be upgraded for free? So I'm curious to give it a try.
  14. Hiroshi

    Couldn't connect to Synergy Cloud

    Hi Nick it has been 3 years from the previously someone opened the ticket on the same issue. I have tried to reinstall the synergy on the new PC, now giving me exactly same message and cant process from there. OS: windows10, synergy version 2.0.12-beta. will you please support as this is killing my entire PC setup.
  15. I do see some improvement with Synergy (v1) stability when using two computers on w wired connection over WiFi, but I'm definitely holding out hope for an amazing UX with Synergy 3!
  16. I now use Synergy version 1, although I bought and paid for versions 1 and 2 many years go, but for around six years I used Sharemouse, dipping in to see how badly Synergy was doing every so often. It was a mess. Sharemouse is a far superior product to Synergy, which I find amazing given the years and years it's been under development, but when Sharemouse tripled the price (see below) ... I tried Synergy once more late last year (for the nth time over the years) and much to my amazement, find that it now works very well in version 1.14 on the Mac and Big Sur anyway. Not feature rich, but for s
  17. Has there been any solution yet for Linux clients? Synergy still prevents monitor from sleeping after blanking.
  18. I updated my installation from 1.11 to 1.14. After installation on the client I needed to enter the Serial Key. So I had to install a (physical) keyboard. Please fetch the Serial Key from the Server when installing a client.
  19. Hey all, Maybe I found a solution, but maybe not the exact same problem though... I bought Synergy basic this past month, and I was super happy, it was working flawlessly with 2 computers, 3 monitors. I was all joy, even bought a pro one to my daughter (last year of high-school, super multitasking with a laptop and macmini to complete this pandemia-school-year) But suddenly I started to have this problem: the mouse "ghost" appearing in the MacOS BigSur server (iMac), and I had what appeared to be a big delay in movement (needed to push the mouse across half mouse pad in the di
  20. Nothing. I tried every. single. solitary. one. They were either overly complex, not cross platform compatible enough or too expensive with no real benefit. I chased the dream and ended up back here. One important takeaway is that if you are having issues with Synergy you will probably have issues with other software. I'm still fighting the stupid secure input "feature" OSX has.
  21. Andy Hall

    Does Synergy prevent monitor from going to sleep?

    This seems to work for me running Synergy 1.13 since April and 1.14 more recently on a pair of Windows 10 Pro machines. Both machines are running Windows 10 Pro, Version 21H1. The powercfg /requests command on the Synergy server machine shows no outstanding requests and on the client machine shows only: SYSTEM: [PROCESS] \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Program Files\Synergy\synergyc.exe You may have to request overrides as described earlier in this thread.
  22. Just adding some details, clarifying some scenarios (I can't edit the previous post). Hello all, It's 2021 and I'm getting the same exact error. Is this solved in any way? Issues found with accents: Delay in special characters/accents (~ ´ ` ^) 1. Delay in some cases Example: If I slow down the typing, it works fine. 2. Duplicate in others: Example: "b´ásico" 3. Special accents in words are not working in the Client machine: "^" in words like "têm" only work in the
  23. Hello all, It's 2021 and I'm getting the same exact error. Is this solved in any way? Delay in special characters/accents (~ ´ ` ^), and in some cases having special accents in words is not working in the Client machine: "^" in words like "têm" only works in the Server. I'm using 1.14.0-stable-67d824b8. Thanks!
  24. gmnowels

    Synergy for Android and Samsung DeX

    I have used Synergy for many, many years. The solution I have found is scrcpy which allow free remote control for my android devices. I am currently using it with Galaxy Tab S4 and can use it with Dex.
  25. uthline

    failed to launch

    I couldn't start the synergy as server. Please let me know what's the problem. [2021-08-12T14:10:43] ERROR: failed to launch, error: process immediately stopped [2021-08-12T14:10:43] INFO: backing off, wait=10s, failures=6 [2021-08-12T14:10:53] INFO: starting new process [2021-08-12T14:10:53] INFO: activeDesktop:Default [2021-08-12T14:10:53] ERROR: could not get session id for process id 26152 [2021-08-12T14:10:53] INFO: starting new process synergys.exe: no configuration available [2021-08-12T14:10:54] ERROR: failed to launch, error: process immediately stopped [2021-0
  26. I'm experiencing the same issue as well. mouse cursor appears at the middle of the screen on both windows computers and on linux as well. I wish I knew this before I purchased. Are the synergy team addressing this or is this a lost cause?
  27. On version 1, this is still a problem that exists on Amazon Workspaces also (https://github.com/symless/synergy-core/issues/5639) Do we have any ETA, or is this something that Synergy will not try to fix? Without this, Synergy does not fulfill the requirements and makes people find alternatives (e.g., ShareMouse). Thank you.
  28. LumpyCustard

    copy and paste not working? Windows 10

    I note that Symless are now no longer advertising the feature (drag and drop / copy paste files) on their main website. There was a post from their CEO back in 2017 advising they would be rewriting the feature for version 2.1 due "early next year" (mentioned in 2017), but that has not come to fruition. I am able to seamlessly copy and paste files via clipboard using apps like TeamViewer, so the capability does exist in other products (not to say that TeamViewer and Synergy are in the same category of software -- just that other devs have figured out a way to initiate a transfer witho
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