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  3. gb_lz

    IPv6 Support

    I too tried ipv6, the server doesn't seem to bind to the ipv6 ip(s). I realize my use case is not very common but I have a network policy that when connected to a VPN, my local ipv4 traffic is being blocked leaving me with the option of using ipv6 or not being able to talk to local network.
  4. Last week
  5. Hello, Been a longtime user & supporter of Synergy. Using version 3.0.77rc3 on both a Windows 10 Pro x64 (Keyboard & Mouse) & Windows Server 2022, I can't get CTRL ALT DEL to work on the remote PC (Server 2022). It always doing it on my Windows 10 Pro machine (Keyboard & Mouse) Googling I found one article, but its for v1 of Synergy. I have elevated privileges set to Always. I'm logged on as Administrator already. I have Server 2022 set to unlock upon first boot, but if I RDP into my server, and the disconnect.... Windows locks itself and thus begins my problem o
  6. Rubin Starset

    wayland support

    @Nick Bolton Any updates from the Symless team? libei hit 1.1.0 about 2 months ago. KDE is about to roll into Wayland territory by default. At this point I'm happy to give Symless another $50 to get Wayland support, if it means I don't have to waste a day fumbling around getting input-leap built and blunt forcing it into my Debian setup.
  7. ccoenen

    wayland support

    Fedora 39 has everything in place to run input-leap now. How do I know? Because I just tried! (also because I read about it here: Gnome Blog about Fedora 39. Look for the headline "input leap".) What does this mean? It means if you're on Fedora, you can now install input leap from packages, and ignore the compatibility warning that still pops up.
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  9. Pedrinhow

    quotes and dbl-quotes not working

    It was working for me on the Synergy 3 but I recently updated it and cant use quotes anymore, any solutions? (I really need to use US international)
  10. brightwolf

    quotes and dbl-quotes not working

    The issue is still around, end 2023, for me. I am still on Synergy 1; could upgrading to 3 help? My client machine is provided to me by the company who hired me, and I do not have admin rights on it. Upgrading to Synergy 3 requires pre-approval so is not a light-weight task, unfortunately.
  11. This has solved my problem too. But shouldn't it pickup when the address change on the interface.
  12. thank you. i just uninstall with dnf --setopt=tsflags=noscripts and now everything working fine
  13. i am having same issue in fedora 38 with synergy latest version 3.077.rc3 and also unable to uninstall synergy .. what to do ? any help
  14. Emirii

    Copy and Paste stops working

    This is still very much an issue in the latest and greatest version (Synergy 3). This bug has been there since release. The devs know about it, but for some reason don't have the capacity to fix it. Really a shame. This is a huge advertised feature and when it doesn't work half the time, is it really a feature at all anymore?
  15. I frequently run into the same issue. Is there anyway to solve for this? Is it possible to zoom out or scroll/pan the view port which contains the computers.
  16. Hi, I have been searching the forums on how to get Synergy 3 to autostart before login when first booting up and can't find a clear answer on how to do so. Has anyone successfully done this on the Ventura OS? TIA
  17. Micah R L

    Client (Mac Mini) doesnt wake up

    I'm having this problem too, using Synergy 1 Pro. Is there anything I can do to get the machine to respond to Synergy input while still having the display turn off?
  18. Catarsi

    Regular lock ups

    I started using Synergy 3.0.76 RC3 between a Windows and a Mac machine and quite often the mouse and keyboard stop working for both machines. I have the logs in the background and there is not any kind of disconnect. It is higly infuriating. Does anyone has any solution for this?
  19. Anybody have any ideas? It's rather annoying... Thanks
  20. I don't eat or work with Apples, but I was able to resolve this in Windows by stopping the Synergy daemon, deleting the .json and .config files in C:\ProgramData\Synergy\config folder. Restart the Synergy 3 daemon. You'll have to log in and begin the config over. This worked on Windows 11 running Synergy 3 RC3, upgraded from Synergy 3 RC2.
  21. Ryan H

    Change scroll speed on client?

    I have this issue. Scrolling on the client is 10x faster, and is not smooth. Both are M2 Macs. Synergy 3 RC3 - v3.0.75.7-rc3
  22. Thank you for the help in figuring this out. I was able to bind a key to lock the mouse to a screen. Significant improvement!
  23. Gary Lewis

    Restricting mouse to stay on computer.

    Under the same Keyboard and Mouse section if you click on Hotkey configuration you can set a hotkey to Lock to screen. I haven't actually used that but I see that its available.
  24. Gary Lewis

    Performance with Mac client

    Incidentally, if I switch to using the Mac as the server the performance is much better. Also, the Mac is an Intel Macbook Pro from 2019.
  25. Thank you. This does help. Do you know if this can be bound to another key?
  26. Gary Lewis

    Performance with Mac client

    With RC3 v3.0.76.5-rc3 ysing Ubuntu 22.04 as the server with an Intel Mac running Sonoma as a client the mouse performance when on the Mac is very poor. It frequently "sticks" to the screen for a split second resulting in jerky movement. Any ideas or is this just a bug?
  27. Gary Lewis

    Restricting mouse to stay on computer.

    It's under Keyboard & Mouse...Enable lock to screen. Then press Scroll Lock to lock to screen.
  28. I have used synergy and mouse without borders. One feature that is very useful in mouse without borders is adding a key press to screen switching. Right now, I have multiple computers set up and will be typing in a window. My arm will inevitably move the mouse and it will end up on another computer. Now the area I was typing into is no longer in focus. With mouse without borders, I had screen switching locked by the control key. The mouse would not transfer to another computer without holding the control key while at the screen border. Is there a setting that will mimic this
  29. Probably solved already, but my research brought me here and I found a solution that helped me so thought I'd share. Having to toggle WiFi each time was driving me nuts. I am using Synergy 3 RC1 - v3.0.72.1-rc1 on a Macbook Air connected to a PC Desktop host. If you're like me and have no reason to ever connect over WiFi, this is probably the solution for you and it's very simple. On the non-host/wi-fi computer's (macbook for me) Synergy interface, go to: Settings -> Local Networking -> Network device -> set to en5 (or whatever port your ethernet uses) instead of Auto
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