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  2. I ran into this a lot with Avast Antivirus and Firewall "SmartMode" blocking the traffic. Had to make an exception for it to work properly. Just seemed like sometimes SmartMode got a wild hair 😕
  3. Klandaghi

    Multiple monitors on Mac

    It used to be that we could make a config file and have that interpret it OK based on screen edge and "percentage" transfer on links. I liked that in Syn 1 Pro a LOT! Always wished the GUI could accommodate multiple monitors with something like ComputerID.ScreenID I'm using "." as a common delineator, could use # or something else to help differentiate based on what is used in the code or interpreted as wild cards. Would just need a way to verify which screen had which ID, maybe a way to display it on those screen similar to Windows' Identify Function? I think this could be represented
  4. Afriza N. Arief

    OSX Hotkey Issues

    I got information from Synergy's support team.. Regarding my option-keypress issue on macOS with Visual Studio Code (VS Code), I tested with KeyCastr on remote machine and it detects the keypress.. So.. maybe it is vs-code issue for my case.. More info on VS Code Issue
  5. Yesterday
  6. Lothar

    How to disable some mappings?

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  7. mdesnoyelles

    Copy & Paste not working.

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  8. MYs

    Hotkey switching between clients/server

    But I use a dell 49 inch monitor I don't know if (alt- i ) is actually a dell setting
  9. Last week
  10. MYs

    Hotkey switching between clients/server

    I figured out randomly with just press (alt - i) with Synergy 2.. then you switch between screens and pc's
  11. floopowder

    OSX Hotkey Issues

    215 days later... hope dwindles...
  12. UnixOutlaw

    Mouse jumping back to Server Machine

    STILL HAPPENING! Now (moved server over to Linux) : Left (client) MacOS 12.6 MBP M1 Middle (client) MacOS 12.6 MBP M1 Right (server) Ubuntu 22.04 Ryzen 7 32 GB RAM NVMe SSD, AMD GPU (Radeon) I don't know if it was Synergy client doing it or not - but I kept getting cases when Linux was the client (on the right) that CTRL, or ALT or SHIFT keys were stuck ON and couldn't be "unstuck" (no sticky keys is NOT enabled in Accessibility) - so I made the Linux box the server - but now I'm getting it jumping back to the Linux machine from the middle MacOS client...
  13. SammyChen

    keyin typo bug of Synergy

    I am using the syngery V1.14.5 in my notebook computer. It could work with the other Linux PC. But I will get key typo bug sometime. Eg: I press "93" by keyboard in my notbook computer, but it will repeat some word to output "933". It often appear this bug when I keyin my password in Chrome browser or text editor. Could you treace and fix this bug of Synergy?
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  15. Good spot 😀 We have addressed this issue in Synergy 3 Beta, where the core will start automatically (ie. not stop/start button). The beta is now available to all customers via our download page. Glad to hear you resolved the connection issue!
  16. klepp0906

    Hotkeys not working

    same issue with v3 beta on Mac. hotkeys don't seem to be doing nada.
  17. FTR using 3 beta and it's still happening. going from Mac to windows is fine, coming back to Mac 75% of the time it ends up in the middle of the screen :(
  18. A step is missing in the steps, you need to click the start and apply button on the server in order to connect, I had same issue but resolved it by clicking apply button and reconnected again on client
  19. Earlier
  20. pho3nixf1re

    flatpak for synergy 3

    I am using the flatpak for synergy 1 with my Steam Deck (which cannot use dep and rpm) and it works great. I would love to try the new Synergy 3 but there is not a flatpak or portable build for it. Either would be great but it seems flatpak would be easier since that is already in your pipeline.
  21. floopowder

    MacOS Icon is invisible

    Anyone notice how if Synergy is disconnected, the icon is basically invisible? Can we change that?
  22. That's the setup I need to use this with. I have the paid single user license. I installed the server on my windows machine. Then I moved the keyboard and mouse to the linux box switched inputs on the monitor and installed synergy as a client after login on the linux box. It immediately found the server. I then moved the key and mouse to the windows server, switched inputs on the monitor and saw that the server saw that the client was connected. All good right? I'm not able to control the linux machine using the key and mouse on the windows machine. I can switch the monitor inputs an
  23. Arkratos

    Restart Synergy from taskbar.

    Sometimes synergy gets in a weird state on my secondary computer, usually has to do with loading on start up when one monitor hasn't fully woken up yet. Specifically what happens is I can navigate two of the three monitors. I'd love the ability to right click on the taskbar on the secondary computer and just click something along the lines of restart. Otherwise I have to swap my KVM over to that machine, then quit, then relaunch synergy and it's fine. Main Computer: Windows (work laptop) Secondary Computer: Kubuntu 22.04 (personal computer)
  24. I have set up Synergy again (After a Windows 11re-install and purchase of another computer) and everything appears to be working fine. When I start both PCs I can manage the client PC with no issues etc. However, after a while when I go back to the main server computer work there for a while and come back to the second PC I find that the mouse only works on a small area of the client PC. Basically, it only recognizes the top left area, but I cannot move past it. It's like the mouse or Synergy believes the client PC has a smaller resolution, or something around those lines. However, both
  25. jos

    [Synergy 1.10.3] Nordic/international keys

    Oh, nevermind .. An update on client side fixed it! Thank you!
  26. jos

    [Synergy 1.10.3] Nordic/international keys

    Still an issue. Any news regarding this? I'm using Synergy PRO 1
  27. ccoenen

    wayland support

    Input-Leap just merged those changes. That does not mean one can use it right away, but it does mean they are confident enough in their solution. Now we just need to wait for the wayland side of things to also release stable versions of the required new apis. So, yes, it could still be a while before it starts working again, but at least now there seems to be an agreed-upon way to how things should be done between the different involved components.
  28. xsist10

    wayland support

    Finally pushed up from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to 22.04 LTS and ran into this. Have to say I'm somewhat disappointed that this is a 9 year issue without very erratic communication from Symless.
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