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  2. How is this still not fixed. Version:
  3. I spoke with their support on this issue. If you're going to copy images from Mac to Windows, they can't be files (including image files). It has to be "clippings" or screenshots. So just do your usal Command + Shift + 4 while also adding "control" (yes my hand looks like a Velociraptor now). Once you're in Windows you can paste the clipping in either Paint, OneNote or whichever image software you're using.
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  6. George Dye

    Connection Bug (1.7.2) (Requested thread)

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  7. I am also having this problem on my M2 Pro Macbook Pro. Ubuntu box is my primary machine and I have my Macbook off to the side. After a while the Mac will fall asleep and I have to physically press a button on it to wake it up. I have verified that: wake for wifi access enabled on the Mac allow Synergy to control at login screen is enabled Regarding "Elevated privleges", this option no long seems to be available in Synergy?
  8. paulab

    Cannot download Synergy

    They have NOT fixed the webpage. Incredibly frustrating. Still waiting to hear from support.
  9. What was your experience to get it work properly? I am also using V3 ultimate with no such luck. I am using a Mac as the master.
  10. Yes. Well I’m using the latest, V3 Ultimate.
  11. Did this ever get sorted out? I know it has been a question since version 1.1xxx Im asking 6 months later than the previous poster.
  12. ApalachinKC

    Client (Mac Mini) doesnt wake up

    I bought the Synergy 3 RC3 v3.0.79.1-rc3 and set up my Mac Studios as the sever with a Dell Inspiron laptop as the client. I am using a Dell U3223QE monitor and everything was working okay with the Logitech mouse and MX key S keyboard. Today (the day after setting the system up) I could not get my Mac Studio to wake up. I could see the mouse but the keyboard would not work to put in my password on the Mac. I had to use the Mac keyboard to wake up my Mac. I am new to the Logitech keyboard and to Synergy, so I may be missing something about getting my Mac to wake up using the connected Logitech
  13. You need to use the option "--enable-crytpo" to use TLS encryption, see below my working synergy-client.service file. [Unit] Description=Synergy Service Requires=display-manager.service After=display-manager.service [Service] Type=simple Restart=always RestartSec=3 ExecStartPre=/bin/bash -c "sleep 10; /bin/systemctl set-environment LIGHTDMXAUTH=/var/run/lightdm/root/:0" ExecStart=/bin/bash -c "XAUTHORITY=${LIGHTDMXAUTH} /usr/bin/synergyc -f --enable-crypto -n CLIENT_NAME SERVER_ADDRESS" [Install] WantedBy=graphical.target I managed to get it working with lightdm, but didn't have the
  14. I had the same issue installing Debian 11 version on Debian 12. Thought I would give the Ubuntu 22 version a go, and was successful. Installed with `sudo dpkg -i <synergy-ubuntu-file-name>` Could then configure it as per normal. Hope it helps someone (or myself) in the future.
  15. I ran into this issue after updating to RC3 with Ubuntu 22.04 as primary and Windows 11 as a client. I was able to resolve this by resetting my configuration on both devices and re-configuring them.
  16. z0mbi

    Cannot connect to server

    Awesome thank you that solved it!
  17. Nick Bolton

    Synergy 3 upgrade problem

    Hi Mickey 👋 Would you mind opening a support ticket so we can help you fix the problem? I know you said you don't want help, but I hope you reconsider, since it's normally a very simple problem. Most issues with Synergy 3.0 RC and Synergy 3.1 Beta are a simple fix and we have workarounds for many known bugs. Thank you for your patience while we work our way toward a stable release! I really appreciate you being a customer and sticking with us 🙂
  18. Feras

    Cannot connect to server

    Could you try following the reset procedure below and see if that helps: Open Synergy Navigate to Local settings Press the Reset options button Select reset all computers Repeat steps 1-4 for each computer Important - restart each computer as some config files may be held in memory After the restart open Synergy again and follow the setup instructions
  19. Hi, Is it possible to get a Scientific linux 6.10 version with Synergy-1.3.4-2.el6.rf installed to talk to Synergy 3? I've sat this up before, but then on older versions of Synergy. If not, are there any updates for Linux that will fit Scientific Linux 6.10?
  20. Hi, I randomly had this issue crop up with Synergy 3 RC2 and updated to RC3, where it persists. Everything was working fine for months until today. I use a KVM switch, and the cursor is invisible for the client machine. If I connect a separate mouse to the client machine, everything works fine. I've read where some people had scroll lock enabled. That wasn't the case here. I also reset Synergy on both computers and restarted them and reset my router, but none of that changed anything. Please help me fix this so I don't have to have a separate mouse installed on the client!
  21. docjay

    Cannot download Synergy

    what does it take to get supports attention? could anyone please help to point support to this thread? thank yo
  22. Danny Carlton

    Connected - Mouse does not move to client screens

    Thank you, Jason. For my part I have four computers (win7,win8,win10 and win11) The win7 is the synergy server and I was just adding the win11. The win7 (left),10 (middle) and 11 (right) are all across and the win10 (top) is above the win8. The new win11 box was registering with the win7 server, but the mouse would not go in to it. I restarted the synergy service on both and it had no effect. I rebooted both, but still the problem persisted. I just happened to need to reboot the win8 (the middle one) for a disk check (some bad areas on an external drive), and that (somehow) solved the probl
  23. Hey! I've got two windows 10 machines and a Mac that's the keyboard/mouse server. One windows machine has no issues connecting to the Mac, but the second one I get TLS errors. I've updated the synergy version on both machines, removed and reinstalled it, tried setting a manual config, disabled windows firewall, verified both machines are on the same network, and I can't figure out what's going on. This is the error log from the Mac side: synergy-core [2024-02-17T00:20:54] - DEBUG - opening new socket: 0103D410 synergy-core [2024-02-17T00:20:54] - DEBUG - openssl version: OpenSSL 3.2.0 2
  24. Jason Butterworth

    Connected - Mouse does not move to client screens

    I mean my issue went away after i uninstalled and reinstalled the remote agent. It was refusing connections.
  25. Danny Carlton

    Connected - Mouse does not move to client screens

    How is this a solution?!? "Reset" can mean any of a dozen things.
  26. Feras

    How to shutdown Synergy?

    To stop the Synergy connection between the computers, click/right-click the Synergy icon in the menu bar/tray and click 'Stop': Once stopped the 'Stop' button will be replaced with 'Start' which you can then click when you want to start the Synergy connection between the computers again.
  27. In order for Synergy 3 to be active from the login screen please enable the setting "Allow Synergy to control this computer on the login screen" under the 'Local Settings' section:
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