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  3. 2 - Why it's breaking the core concept? Synergy is about controlling other computers through a keyboard and mouse, right? Synergy 3 beta has the option to change the "server" (the one sharing its keyboard/mouse) with some clicks (open synergy, click continue, click on the three dots of the computer you want to "serve" and "Use this keyboard and mouse")... Well.. if this option is available manually, why not automatic? It's "just" (easy to say) a question of "which physical hardware is been used? ok, now this one is the server"... no?
  4. Similar Issue. 2s PC (Win10 & Win11) - Win 10 is giving me this. (while Synergy 3 - RC1 is working) Checking binary Synergy.exe ... OK Checking binary synergy-core.exe ... OK Checking binary synergy-daemon.exe ... OK Checking binary synergy-service.exe ... OK Checking binary synergy-tray.exe ... OK Checking process: synergy-core.exe ... OK Checking process: synergy-service.exe ... FAIL Reason: Process synergy-service.exe not running Checking service "Synergy 3 Daemon" ... OK Ping synergy-service ... FAIL Reason: Fail to ping synergy-service
  5. Monti

    Synergy 3 RC1 is here!

    How do you update the licence in RC1 in Mac?
  6. IT Troll

    Beta testing has now ended

    Aww, the forum was only just renamed from Alpha testing.
  7. Hello, Configuration: Synergy 3, Windows 11 HOST, MACOS 13.3.1 - CLIENT I have set up a hotkey to copy and paste with the same windows key command CTRL + C (copy) and CTRL + V (paste). I only need this key command to run when the cursor is on the Mac Screen. It seems to run on both machines even though I have set the section in the Hotkey action > On Which Computers to the MAC screen only. When I press the key command on windows (while the cursor is on the windows machine), say CTRL + V, it pastes text on the mac and nothing on windows. When on windows I need it to bypass the Hotk
  8. Perotto

    Synergy 3 RC1 is here!

    Hi, just tried the new version and I got the same error @Marbro described. The only difference are: - I am on macOS Monterey - Synergy 3 works after a fresh install but fails once computer is restarted
  9. Yesterday
  10. Marbro

    Synergy 3 RC1 is here!

    Just like the beta, I can't get this working at all on MacOS Ventura 13.4 (Intel). Connection to the background service runninglocally on your computer timed out,please contact support. Diagnostic tool: Checking binary Synergy ... OK Checking binary synergy-core ... OK Checking binary synergy-service ... OK Checking binary synergy-tray ... OK Checking process: synergy-core ... FAIL Reason: Process synergy-core not running Checking service "com.symless.synergy3" ... FAIL Reason: Service "com.symless.synergy3" is not installed Ping synergy-service ... FAIL Reason: Fail to ping s
  11. matdave

    Synergy 3 - No cursor with Wayland (Fedora 38)

    Is it a "Wayland" problem, or is it "Synergy" problem? X's days are numbered, and most apps at least work in Wayland. A little frustrating that the new Synergy is still requiring X.
  12. Kris Dekeyser

    Synergy 3 RC1 is here!

    Unfortunately I still have the same problem as with the beta versions: the synergy service does not start automatically on my xubuntu 22.04 PCs. This is the output from 'journalctl -xeu synergy.service': mei 31 21:24:03 beast systemd[1]: Starting Synergy 3 Login service... ░░ Subject: A start job for unit synergy.service has begun execution ░░ Defined-By: systemd ░░ Support: http://www.ubuntu.com/support ░░ ░░ A start job for unit synergy.service has begun execution. ░░ ░░ The job identifier is 2421. mei 31 21:25:33 beast systemd[1]: synergy.service: start-pre operation
  13. DiMithras

    Per-computer mouse speed

    I'm also looking forward to see this request in action. I wanted to create a new thread, but found this one. Situation is a bit different. I'm using Synergy 3 RC that was published today. Both PCs run Win10, but DPI (PPI) is different for a desktop PC and the notebook. Notebook's screen is twice as small as the desktop monitor with relatively the same resolution, even a bit higher. Sending the cursor to a notebook has 0.5x speed compared to desktop PC, that makes it hard to interact with.
  14. Alexey Smirnov

    Synergy 3 RC1 is here!

    Yes! I've tried it!!! Very nice app!!! Thank you very much! There is one problem: If I try to change language with alt+shift at my Ubuntu (left display) when my mouse is at right display (Win), language is not changes.
  15. Hello, I just upgraded to Synergy 3 in hopes they fixed gestures on my second macbook. No luck :( It obviously works well on my main macbook but it would be nice if I could use my trackpad to do a 3-finger swipe up to show all apps on my second mac. Also, the option button on my mac bluetooth keyboard doesn't work either. I have to use the keyboard on my second mac to get it to work.
  16. 2 — I doubt it's possible. Synergy is using one computer as a server and the other one as a client. Your suggested feature is nice but I feel like it's breaking the core concept that remains the same since Synergy1. 3 — Same here, it does not sleep. And if I put it to sleep, any mouse movement on a Desktop computer wakes up the laptop that keeps on trying to sign in with "Windows hello".
  17. Nick Bolton

    Beta testing has now ended

    With the launch of Synergy 3 RC1, beta testing has now ended. Please visit the General Discussion forum to discuss Synergy 3.
  18. Nick Bolton

    Synergy 3 RC1 is here!

    Amazing news everyone! Synergy 3 RC1 is now available to download! https://symless.com/synergy/download
  19. Last week
  20. my curser wasnt working on my macbook when moving of windows kept getting message WARNING: curser may not be visible this got it working https://symless.com/synergy-help/how-to-fix-macos-security-and-privacy-accessibility-settings
  21. I have a license for Synergy 1 Pro and a download for Synergy 2 Basic, but the splash screen says "Synergy 2012 Beta" So, which version is currently running?
  22. I tried this solution from superuser.com, and it works for me (MacOS Monterrey client to Windows 10 server). I can use my mouse and keyboard and login to my Mac. https://superuser.com/a/1780819/48993
  23. When the client (Windows 10) and the server (Windows 11) are connected to differing WiFi mesh nodes, the client connection to the server times out. When I force the connection to the same mesh node, it connects fine. The client and server IP addresses didn't change during this process.
  24. Earlier
  25. Hi there, I'm using Synergy 3 Beta, v3.0.70.34-beta, and I don't know where to post ideas, so I hope i'm in the right place. And sorry for my bad english. Ideas: 1 - Profiles, with different screen positions, since some computers can be notebooks and may change position, or with my situation where the main computer changes (more on that later) 2 - Use keyboard/mouse from any of the configured computers 3 - Keep computers from sleep, when keyboard/mouse is in use So, explaining... Ideas 1 and 2: My main computer can change. I have two monitors, that I share be
  26. Mr. Villagran

    Dragging a browser window over

    I second that suggestion. Frequently try to snap windows to the screen edge that is next to my other computer's screen and I accidentally mouse over. A tip for the meantime is to use the lock mouse to screen feature (scroll lock to toggle, by default). I see it is also an action assignable via hotkey.
  27. IT Troll

    Synergy 2 to Synergy 3 Upgrade

    Just updated my Synergy Beta 3 installs again to the latest release. Same story as above. Windows worked seamlessly. macOS first claimed that the installer was corrupt, but installed OK on the second attempt, however it failed to start the daemon process. A manual restart fixed it. macOS installer needs more work before it is released for real.
  28. Maku

    wayland support

    Apparently there's a library called 'libei' for "Emulated Input, primarily aimed at the Wayland stack", and that uses Synergy as an example use case: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/libinput/libei/-/blob/main/README.md --- The library appears to be in active development as as per this tweet Bolton is aware of it. So this might be happening some time this year or the next. Not that I care too much -- I ended up putting enough money aside over the years to buy enough screens I no longer need Synergy lol.
  29. KPW

    Synergy 3 Memory Leak?

    Really? No response from devs? You're running a beta program and not monitoring the forum, that is designed specifically for testing feedback? I am done with this company.
  30. Wasn't a problem on Monterey, but on Ventura, when I start Synergy or leave in another screen or generally after some time, mouse pointer becomes invisible - its still there - I can see it hovering effects on UI, but not visible and I need to Cmd+Tab to switch window back and forth for it to show again. When I stop synergy it no longer happens and its same for touchpad and external mouse. Version I'm using is 3 beta at the moment (newest), but it was also happening on v1. Anyone have similar issues?
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