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Synergy 3 mouse buttons

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I've moved to Synergy 3, and my mouse buttons aren't working correctly anymore. I was able to get most of this working with older versions, but I can't seem to get it working with 3.

Host machine: Ubuntu 20

Remote machine: Windows 10

Mouse: MX Master (the old one)

Mouse forward and back buttons work fine on host, but don't seem to do anything on the other machine from Syergy.

Mouse has left/right scroll wheel in addition to the normal scroll wheel. The left/right scroll wheel works as expected on the host, but seems to be mapped to the forward/back buttons on the other machine from Syergy.

The buttons work as expected when connected directly to any computer. It seems to always map incorrectly on the remote machine. How can I fix this?

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Same with S3, can't get this to work unless I manually switch the mouse to the Remote machine, then it is stuck on the remote and will not return to the Host. Not sure why, but Remote (Mac) machine also disconnects both the mouse and keyboard, the mouse intermittently,  keyboard all the time  from the bluetooth settings when Synergy is activated on both PC and Mac, and keyboard and mouse work on either, just not fully functional mouse.  

Diagnostics Report:

Mac - db structure FAIL

PC - db structure FAIL

Going to Reset Synergy, hope I survive! lol!


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Have you been able to resolve this? I am having the same issue with my mouse where:
Server: MacBook Pro

Host 1: MacBook Pro

Host 2: Mac mini

Mouse: Razer Basilisk

They work fine on the server machine where the mouse is plugged in to. However, on the host machines, when I click the side buttons, it does nothing unless I am over a link and then it opens it up in a new tab. It would be good to get that functionality back on the host machines!

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@MobileInsomnia - Same issue here.  KUbuntu 23.04 on host, Windows 10 remote.  The forward back buttons work fine on the host but don't work at all on the remote machine.  Very disappointing.

Looking at the Debug 3 logs on the remote there's no debug entry at all when I click those buttons. 

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