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Thoughts about Synergy 3 Beta

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, If it is not, please feel free to move it around. (I didn't see any other area of the forum dedicated to Betas). I just installed Synergy 3 Beta on my 2 Windows 11 PCs. Here are a few thoughts about it:

  • The overall interface looks much better, but still needs a lot of polishing needed. For instance, once the installation is done, you end up on an almost white screen with no content or anything. No idea what to do there. I just closed the application and figured I had to reboot. If you open the interface from the system tray, you go straight into the settings. And if you open it from the shortcut on the desktop, it runs a configuration of its own. No idea or input on what is doing, it just does its thing on its own, then drops you on the settings menu again. No wizard for first time setup, nothing. Very confusing for first time users.
  • ONE HUGE ISSUE with the new GUI which is a regression from the previous one. There's no HiDPI support. I have a 4K monitor, and it was a pain to see or read anything. Additionally, when I tried to force specific DPI settings on Windows, it allowed me to do this in one of my computers, but not the other. This is terrible and needs to be fixed, as a huge amount of people use high density displays these days. We are no longer in 90s or 2000s.
  • The program needs a dark theme. It just looks out of place on my Windows 11 where I use a dark theme.
  • When you go to the screen where you add new computers, I can add a new PC by either IP or name, however it is not obvious what happens after you click enter. It just returns to the previous screen, and you are left wondering if anything worked? It won't tell you if it worked, if it found the PC or not, what you want to do with it? Want to make it a server or client? Nothing, you are to figure out all the rest by yourself.
  • The app definitely needs a new PC setup wizard of some kind.

Other than the above, it appears to be working fine in the hour or so I have been using it, however it's too early to tell how it behaves after PCs reboot a few times etc. I will report back here if I encounter any issues.

Congrats on the new beta!

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Just an hour using it, and unfortunately I'm experiencing the same issue I explained here with the current released version 1.X. I'm afraid this is happening also due to lack of support for 4K displays.

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