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Mouse only works in a small area of client PC

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I have set up Synergy again (After a Windows 11re-install and purchase of another computer) and everything appears to be working fine. When I start both PCs I can manage the client PC with no issues etc. However, after a while when I go back to the main server computer work there for a while and come back to the second PC I find that the mouse only works on a small area of the client PC. Basically, it only recognizes the top left area, but I cannot move past it. 

It's like the mouse or Synergy believes the client PC has a smaller resolution, or something around those lines. However, both the server and client computers have the same resolution 4K. The DPI scaling is exactly the same as well on both PCs.

This issue is driving me nuts, as the only way to fix it is to turn everything off and then back on to be able to control the client PC. This will only work for just for a few minutes until I go back to the main one and the circle repeats.

The way it is now, Synergy is useless to me. This sucks as I used to have it on my previous setup, and it worked perfectly fine.

Any ideas how to correct this?

Thanks in advance.

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