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ver 2.0.11 keeps crashing


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the current version keeps crashing... i need a download link to version 2.0.9 that worked perfectly for me. please ive already contacted support and its already taken 3 days just to get a download link. 

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I think there seem to be a few issues at the moment, hopefully they will be resolved soon. I am still waiting after 7 days, but I suspect the truth is they don't have many answers at the moment.

Anyway, if you haven't already I would follow the advice in this earlier post. 2.0.9 didn't either for me, and 2.0.4. and 2.0.7 are outdated and will not run.

I would suggest you revert to Synergy 1, which seems to be available for download via your Account download page, and is working beautifully for me at least. Also I notice Synergy 1 is flagged as "Recommended" and Synergy 2 as "Stability: Beta", which I must admit I hadn't understood when I upgraded to it.

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I've now upgraded everything to 2.0.11.

But I had to stop with Synergy.

Everytime I press "[" or "]" the cursor goes to the main screen. This happens also on many other situations. It is no more possible to work with synergy.

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