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Synergy 2.11 not working on Windows 10

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Rand Ford

I just upgraded from 2.10 to 2.11 on both of my systems.  They were working fine until I did.  Now they are not.  I have rebooted both systems twice (cold boot).  Both screens show up.  But the cursor won't travel over to the other screen from either system.  Please advise.


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Step 1 is submitting a support ticket. https://symless.com/contact/customer-support

What is the appearance of the UI? Are they both grey and animated? What OSs are you using?

Step 2 is restarting the Synergy service on each box.

Step 3 is to restart the Synergy-core: On the UI, mouse-grab one of the simulated screens and move it away from the other(s)...wait...now reassemble them as you like.


Let us know if you are back in business.

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