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Nigel Atkinson
On 1/2/2022 at 8:53 AM, Chillosophy said:

Are you kidding me. Fine. Asking for Wayland support, preferably years ago. This is embarrasing.

I totally agree. Saying your not doing it because only github users are asking for it and not licensed users is short sighted to say the least.  Also many of those github user will be licensed users. You need to support Wayland. I'm watching several upcoming alternatives to Synergy, and I have no problem switching to them.

I realise that input capture and emitting is no walk in the park on Wayland, but Synergy could be working with Wayland/Wayland compositor devs to get a standard way to do this.

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Rubin Starset

@ccoenen: thanks!

I looked into lan-mouse a bit ago but shied away due to a lack of encryption and not being able to grab input from Windows. That second issue I can just resolving by switching where my mouse and keyboard are plugged into and deal with that until support for Windows shows up (there are plenty of times where my Linux laptop isn't sitting next to my Windows desktop, and yes I have a small USB switcher). The first issue, at the time of looking into lan-mouse, I just didn't have the available mental bandwidth to figure out an ssh tunnel between the two machine (and no, no one should trust their local home or work network for anything, look up zero trust). I'll put lan-mouse in the list and see about testing over the next week or two. 

Thanks again!

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Rubin Starset

KDE is having a great Reddit AMA regarding the soon to be release Plasma 6. I asked about libei, and contributor mitsosseundscharf responded with:


I plan to spend some time for it for 6.1.

I already implemented support 3 years ago for sending against an experimental libei that needs updating. Receiving input via ei needs implementing it from scratch.


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