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Drag ´n drop files

Albert Winter

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Michael Maple

Using 1.8.5 and two Win10 pro boxes, I was able to get the drag and drop working by enabling auto-config and allowing it to install bonjour. Files now freely move between pcs in each direction.

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Hello everybody,


Reading all these comments, I feel I should have read the forum before trusting the marketing department :( Just bought the Pro edition.

I don't know if there has been a solution yet (we're in 2017 and the issue is at least 1.5 years old), but slowly crossing the boundry between the screens doesn't work for me. And there is no "obstacle" on the way to the border.

I checked the log while attempting a crossing: nothing appears except the "leaves screen" and "enters screen" (as usual when moving to the other display)

The only thing I noticed is, as soon as I cross the border with a picture for example, there is a task appearing for 0.30s on the taskbar.


I'm using 2 windows 10 computers, updated to the max. Bonjour is also installed.


I hope replying to this thread will bump it up in the list :ph34r:

Cheers guys

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