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behavior with extended screen

Harris Teague

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Harris Teague
This is a bug report. Running 1.7.5. Windows on the left, running two monitors, the one on the left is landscape, and the one on the right is portrait. The bottom edges are aligned the but top are not (the portrait on the right extends higher). Linux on my right with extended display as well. Linux is the server, windows is the synergy client. On windows, the mouse behavior is strange in the upper right corner between to two displays. If you keep pushing up near the corner on the left display, it pops out on the right display at some point. If you push up on the left display, there is some hysteresis that means you have to pull back down for some # of pixels before it will descend. I don't think this is related to edge snapping. If I push to the top but just barely touch, it comes down immediately. However, if I keep pushing up by X pixels, it seems to take X pixels of pull down before the cursor moves. btw, the cursor never disappears at the top edge of the screen. It seems like a minor annoyance, but the problem is that it has kinda the same impact as the cursor sticking at the top edge, and this gets very annoying after a while. Expecially when you deal with lots of Chrome tabs, and window control buttons at the upper right edge.
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