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Invisible boundarieson android client.

Anastasios Karmas

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Anastasios Karmas
Hello, I have the following setup: Dual screen windows box(Screens are identical 2560x1440p) and I want to share my keyboard and mouse with my android tablet (Nexus 7 FHD(1920x1080p resolution, running cyanogemod). After installing and configuring synergy for the widows and android machines(Windows is the server), I can share the keyboard and mouse, however when the mouse pointer is on the android screen, there are invisible boundaries that the mouse cannot traverse. If I enable scroll lock and move the mouse wildly across the screen the boundaries seem to change. I checked the logs when moving the mouse back to the windows screen and I saw this "INFO: switch from "android" to "DESKTOP" at 6,0" however at that time the boundary was situated at the middle of the android screen vertically wise. So the issue I guess is the android client getting confused where the mouse is, or where the centre or the edges of the screen lie. I'm not going to attempt to delve into more technical explanations as I'm not that qualified :P . I know the android client is in alpha stage so if this is a known issue with no fix yet I guess there is nothing I can, if on the other hand there is an obvious solution I'm missing then please point it out to me. :) if more information is required please let me know. Edit: After enabling relative mouse movement on the server settings, moving the mouse in the adroid and enabling scroll lock the boundaries go complete away. However if scroll lock is disabled, the pointer will leave the android screen about midway from the screen edge. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x1111111111111111111111111111111111111x x1111111111111111111111111111111111111x x1111111111111oooooooooooooooooooooooox x1111111111111o11111111111111111111111x x1111111111111o11111111111111111111111x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Android screen representation. x's are the physical boundaries of the screen, 1's are fillers and o's are the boundaries imposed by the software. The mouse will jump to the windows machine if moved to the upper o's.
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