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Synergy still trying to connect to PC that was removed

Matt Pula

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I used to have a PC connected through synergy with the name "CORP-91HGYZ1-LT" which I recently replaced. I then removed COPR-91HGYZ-LT from my configuration in Synergy but Synergy is still trying to connect to that client even though the machine isn't currently powered on or online. I have reinstalled Synergy on the two machines I use it on, as well as created new configurations to use. I have also opened the configuration files in notepad and confirmed that CORP-91HGYZ-LT is not a listed client in any config file synergy might be accessing, but the problem persists. When I start my synergy server, I get these messages repeated nonstop in the log: [2015-11-12T09:19:47] NOTE: accepted client connection [2015-11-12T09:19:47] WARNING: unrecognised client name "CORP-91HGYZ1-LT", check server config [2015-11-12T09:19:47] NOTE: disconnecting client "CORP-91HGYZ1-LT" [2015-11-12T09:19:47] NOTE: client "CORP-91HGYZ1-LT" has disconnected EDIT: It does not cause any problems with synergy working as intended, it's just bugging me that it's still trying to a connect to a PC that has been removed from the configuration.
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