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Problem for me with the "DONATE" procedure

Lynn Ransdell

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Lynn Ransdell
First, let me say I think you have a great product. I'm less enthralled with your website, however. Finding the "forum" page was not easy since there seems to be no links in any page headers or footers. But, my main problem is attempting to make a new donation to the cause. I purchased Premium membership some time ago when it was $4.99 and tested Synergy to see if it might serve my needs. At the time, it did not... I was running 9 physical machines in a R&D Lab in my home office. Therefore, I was using a large physical KVM. I've since pared down the hardware in the lab to 2 physical machines each running a few VM's. Remembering my earlier exposure to Synergy I decided to try the latest version. I saw the cost had increased to $10 and expected that since I'd paid less that I might not be able to download it. Surprisingly, I had no problem downloading both a Windows and a Linux version. However, I want(ed) to increase my donation and here is where the problems, for me, come in... Clicking the DONATE button on my ACCOUNT page brings up a shopping cart from "Get Go Retro, Inc." for 1 "Polka Dot Ribbon Shirt by TF" for a cost of $24.00. Who the hell is Get Go Retro and why are they trying to sell me something that I neither want or even know what it is? This is NOT a donation page... I only wanted to send you another $10 but there seems to be no simple way to do that. I even tried to "BUY" the product again but the response when I tried to do that was "You've already paid", or words to that effect, and the code behind the button doesn't allow me to continue with that process. I think someone needs to re-think and re-vamp the damn website before you start losing customers. The current website shows a definite lack of professionalism and does not instill confidence in you as a vendor.
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