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Can't copy/paste between client and server

Mitch Claborn

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Mitch Claborn
I'm using synergy 1.7.4 between 2 Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit) machines, one is client, one is server. I run pidgin on the server from the client using ssh -Y, so that I can effectively use the client as another screen for the server. I can't copy text from the pidgin window and paste it on the server. I really need this to work. Any suggestions? When running with debug on, I see on the client: [code][2015-11-06T10:23:30] INFO: leaving screen [2015-11-06T10:23:30] DEBUG: open clipboard 0 [2015-11-06T10:23:30] DEBUG: ICCCM fill clipboard 0 [2015-11-06T10:23:30] DEBUG: available targets: TIMESTAMP (463), TARGETS (462), MULTIPLE (459), text/html (526) [2015-11-06T10:23:30] DEBUG: added format 2 for target text/html (526) (164 bytes) [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: close clipboard 0 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: sending clipboard 0 seqnum=16 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: sent clipboard size=93 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: open clipboard 1 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: ICCCM fill clipboard 1 [2015-11-06T10:23:33] DEBUG: available targets: STRING (31) [2015-11-06T10:23:35] DEBUG: close clipboard 1 [2015-11-06T10:23:44] INFO: entering screen[/code] and on the server [code][2015-11-06T10:23:13] INFO: switch from "mlcx600" to "mlcx450" at 1791,1023 [2015-11-06T10:23:13] INFO: leaving screen [2015-11-06T10:23:30] INFO: switch from "mlcx450" to "mlcx600" at 747,12 [2015-11-06T10:23:30] INFO: entering screen [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: start receiving clipboard data [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: receiving clipboard 0 size=93 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: received client "mlcx450" clipboard 0 seqnum=16, size=93 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] INFO: screen "mlcx450" updated clipboard 0 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: open clipboard 0 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: empty clipboard 0 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: grabbed clipboard 0 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: add 81 bytes to clipboard 0 format: 2 [2015-11-06T10:23:32] DEBUG: close clipboard 0[/code]
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