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Using Synergy with a 4K display and non-4K displays together


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In case this helps anyone... I am running Windows 10 on my main desktop (Synergy server) and my laptop (Synergy client). When I upgraded my monitor to a 4K display, I immediately had a problem with Synergy not working. When moving my mouse to the client, the mouse cursor was not visible. If I left clicked, the screen minimized all programs to desktop. Pressing the Windows key on the server opened the Windows Start menu on the client. I knew they were connected, but I could not use the mouse. Also, I could not return the mouse to the server computer either. The only way to get it back was to stop Synergy on the client (laptop) using the trackpad. One more thing - if I moved the mouse with the trackpad on the laptop, the mouse cursor would not move on the laptop; click functionality was still present. It turns out it is a display scaling issue, and I followed these instructions on another post and the issue is resolved: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=13&p=17&hilit=mouse+dpi#p17 Go to the synergy install folder Right click on synergys.exe and click Properties Switch to the "compatibility" tab "Change Settings for all users" (synergys can run as a different user) Click the checkbox for "Deactivate scaling for high DPI value" (the one above run as admin) Click OK Open your Synergy app the usual way (from the Start screen, you can just type synergy) and click Apply or Stop/Start Hopefully this will help someone who is having the same issue. Thanks, Rob
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