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Linux (ubuntu 14.04) server/apple (OSX10.11) client crash

David Oneill

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I have a linux desktop sharing its keyboard and mouse with a OSX laptop. The desktop is running xUbuntu 14.04. The laptop is running OSX 10.11. Both are running synergy 1.7.4. Often, when I go from the laptop's screen to the desktop's, I get stuck (IE I can't go back to the laptop). I need to stop, start synergy on the desktop, then wait for the laptop to try to connect again. As I was poking around at this, I found I couldn't change the reporting level on my laptop. On my desktop, I can open the dropdown so I can change the reporting level to Debug1, but I can't do that on my laptop - it is stuck on 'Note'. I'd be happy to provide any logs if that is helpful.
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