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Crash - Console window has stopped working

Aaron Wilson

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Hey guys. I'm experiencing an error / crash which is rendering my synergy server machine unusable. My setup is 1 Windows 10 server + 1 OSX Yosemite (10.10.5) client. At seemingly random points in time I get a crash on my windows server machine with a dialog box saying "The console window host has stopped working" or something like that. At this point I am unable to use my mouse / keyboard anymore on the windows host unless I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, sign out of my windows account then sign back in. This is frustrating! I have noticed this issue a few times while the mac client had the mouse / keyboard, in which case I am able to transition the mouse back to the windows client, dismiss the error dialog and continue as if nothing happened. It seems to only lock the mouse / keyboard up entirely if the Windows synergy server machine has control of the mouse at the time of the crash / error. Running the synergy server on my Mac fixes the issue however this is my secondary machine and is used for only maybe 20% of my work throughout the day. It also has pretty poor specs resulting in noticeable mouse delay when using my windows machine. So this setup is a no-go for me unfortunately. Any help / suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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