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Compile synergy with debug symbols with asserts disabled


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How can compile synergy on linux with debug symbols and no optimization while keeping the asserts disabled? I've purchased synergy a while ago. However, I'm having lots of crashes and deadlocks in both the client and the server. Also SSL doesn't work but I forward the traffic over SSH so no big deal. Overall, synergy was so unusable that I ended up starting it with --no-xinitthreads which seems to cause a crash rather than a hang most of the time. Then I just used a script that keeps the client/server running. So I wanted to compile synergy with debug symbols so I can try to solve some of these issues. But when I did that, synergyc and synergys kept hitting asserts left and right for features that I don't use (something about a discovery service/mac crap). I'm compiling from the latest master branch (5da7290242e37aea3c96a56d61c245e4e2290b14) Client OS: Ubuntu x64 14.04 Server OS: Red Hat Enterprise 6.5 Thank you
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