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Random Assortment of Enhancement ideas


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Howdy, I use Synergy to aid in my cross-platform development. No other software or hardware I've used has been so reliable and worked so well. I've thought of a couple things I would like to see in future releases that could help elevate this software even further above the competition; For Mac Clients; - Mouse options in System Settings. Currently non-configurable, but changing cursor speed and scrolling speed would help me use my Mac more naturally. Including allowing changing the scrolling type (an OSX feature) and customizing click actions. - Keyboard options. I use standard windows keyboards on other Macs and I have swapped the command and alt buttons in System Settings so it feels more like a Mac keyboard (why won't Apple make a mechanical keyboard!?). Synergy currently doesn't support this change even if I do make it beforehand. For Windows; - Minimize to tray on normal minimize AND close buttons. - Double click tray icon to reopen window.
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