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Meta key sticks on Synergy Client

Will Foster

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Hello, I've opened a bug about this here: https://github.com/synergy/synergy/issues/4969 This seems to be same behavior as this: #1190 Server: Fedora 22 / synergy-1.8.0-1.x86_64 (synergy-master-alpha-95c9ffe-Linux-x86_64) Client: Fedora 22 / synergy-1.8.0-1.x86_64 (synergy-master-alpha-95c9ffe-Linux-x86_64) I use the Winkey (Meta) to hotkey certain actions (in XFCE) like opening terminal, browser, and other actions and this behavior occurs once the mouse leaves the client and returns to the server and back again. It's not immediate but will crop it after several minutes. Stopping/restarting synergy will fix it and then it will return again. I've tried both 1.7.3 stable and the nightlies and it still occurs as of synergy-master-alpha-95c9ffe-Linux-x86_64 Here is a pastebin of the debug2 log on the client: http://fpaste.org/255838/81431214/ Note: even when synergy is stopped the meta (win) key is still permanently depressed, rendering usage of the machine pretty much ineffective until X11 is restarted or it's rebooted. This still occurs against stable 1.7.4 (synergy-v1.7.4-stable-c734bab-Linux-x86_64.rpm af2bdf762d4b903d84e5d30e850a5028). It sometimes take a bit to manifest itself but when it does it seems like the exact same behavior reported in #1190
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