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Mac client keyboard receiving wrong keys

Bodo Maass

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There have been a few similar posts about this already, but I'm not aware of a solution. I'm running Synergy 1.7.4 64-bit on Windows 10 as server, and on Mac OS X Yosemite as client. I normally use the Dvorak keyboard layout on both machines. With this, sending keys from Windows to the Mac doesn't work at all. Typing "hello" on the PC arrives as "d.nnr" on the Mac. When I set the Mac to use the normal keyboard, it kind of works, but not fully. I cannot type several special characters such as "{}[]" (which arrives as "56()" ). Since I use both machines for programming, this makes the current setup unusable for me. Is there a way to set up Synergy so that the correct keys are transmitted?
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