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Curious problem with Firefox/Edge

Jason Wong

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Hello all, I just run into a rather curious problem today. I have 2 notebooks running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Windows 8.1 is the server, and Windows 10 is the client. I am using my keyboard and my mouse just fine on the server (both Logitech bluetooth). However, when I move to the client, it gets a bit more interesting. Moving to the client, the mouse works perfectly. The keyboard isn't - I can type all the keys in Chrome, and the command prompt for example, BUT 4 of the keys will not work in Firefox, Edge and Pidgin. These 4 keys are H, C, V and /. I cannot type anything in Firefox. If I restart Synergy, the problem will go away for a while, like 30 min or so, that it will come back again. There is no error message though. Any thought? Cheers.
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