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Server Client Connection Lost When Sharing Internet

Carsten Grüttemeyer

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Carsten Grüttemeyer
Hi there, I am using Synergy 1.7.4 on my Windows 7 Desktop (Client) and Laptop (Server). I would like to connect to the internet with the Desktop by sharing the wireless internet connection from my laptop. However, once I engage ICS, the client connection to the server gets lost (or other way around?). The following message from the client side is displayed "WARNING: failed to connect to server: The network can't be reached from this host at this time". On the server's side "NOTE: started server, waiting for clients". Note, when ICS is engaged I am still able to transfer files from my laptop to my desktop and vice versa so the "network connection" is still there. Once I disable ICS and apply Synergy settings again everything (what Synergy does) works fine again. Can one use ICS with Synergy? If so please assist if anyone has had the same problem. Thanks and regards,
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