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Cannot click on client computer


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Hey folks, I am hoping you can help me solve an issue I am experiencing. I am running two windows PCs, a Synergy server running Win 10x64, and a client running Win 8.1x64. Recently I have been unable to click at all on the client machine. I can successfully move the mouse to the client screen, and can even enter text from the server computer if a text field is already selected. I can scroll, but can neither right or left click. I reinstalled Synergy's current version (as of ~1 week ago), on both machines, and was able to click very briefly before the problem re-surfaced. I also tried installing recent nightly builds which yielded the same behavior. Based on these symptoms it seems possible that the issue is a conflict with another software. Unfortunately I can't think of any software I installed around the time the issue cropped up (though it was shortly after the server machine's upgrade to Windows 10). Can anyone suggest either fixes or troubleshooting methods? I'd love to pin down the software or configuration at fault.
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