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Display Alignment - 1 portrait screen

Brett Whitten

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Brett Whitten
So I have 7 screens, 3 1920x1080 screens over 3 1920x1080 screens and 1 1920x1080 screen in portrait mode to the right of that. The bottom 4 (including the portrait display) are the Synergy Server (Mac Mini Server 10.10 and 2 displaylink adapters). Top left 1 screen is an MBP and the next 2 top screens are an HP Thin Client (Debian). It all works well. However, the bottom 4 monitors are physically aligned on their bottom edges. If I set that in my Mac display preferences, Synergy won't work. I have to set the prefs to align the display top edges on the same plane. All my configuration is done though the conf file - I could never get the gui to work the way I wanted. And I've been a Synergy user since before the gui was released anyway. I'd like a way to build in obscure geometry to handle portrait monitors in this type of setup. Thanks! Brett
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