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Switch Mouse and Keyboard w/ Hotkey?? Dell 38inch Monitor


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I just purchased Synergy and did not upgrade to HotKeys.  I have a Hotkey setup in the Dell KVM Manager Software to switch between MacBooks but I can only issue this command from one of my MacBooks.  I would like to issue from both MacBooks.

  1. Am I able to issue this command from both MacBooks if I purchase Synergy hotkey upgrade?
  2. The mouse seems to be smoother on the MacBook that has the assigned Keyboard and Mouse.  Is there a Hotkey to switch Keyboard and Mouse at the same I switch to the other MacBook? 


My Setup

  • 38inch Dell Monitor w/ built in KVM
  • M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro I7
  • Logitech Mouse and Keyboard w/Flow turned off


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