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What is going on with IP Addresses from Mac to PC?


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RC3 stopped working, mouse and keyboard lag were getting worse and worse, updated Sonoma this morning and it seemed to help, then stopped Synergy completely.  No longer can see one computer from the other with Synergy. Uninstalled on both Mac and PC, and reinstalled RC2.  Now Mac says its IP address is 14 digits long, and PC is only 8 and cannot add Mac to PC or PC to Mac as they are looking, oddly on the Mac for a 12 digit IP, and on the PC for a 12 digit IP address, neither computer has as such? First pic shows the Mac, 2nd trying to add the PC, same issue when trying to add the Mac to Synergy on the PC, it will not accept 14 digits.  Both of these computers worked well enough with Synergy for the past year or so before today.



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Daniel from Symless suggested - and it worked: (I also uninstalled and reinstalled rc3 first)

Perhaps a Synergy reset will help here (especially after the macOS update), would you mind following the below procedure and see if that helps?

  1. Open Synergy
  2. Navigate to Local settings
  3. Press the Reset options button
  4. Select reset all computers
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each computer
  6. Important - restart each computer as some config files may be held in memory
  7. After the restart open Synergy again and follow the setup instructions
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