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Adjustments to cursor 'momentum' or 'speed' barrier for computer transition

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I thought that the 'speed' requirement to go from computer A to B and then back from B to A was supposed to be similar?
I've found that, when leaving the primary monitor of my server computer (in a 2client-over-2server grid) it's very difficult to have enough cursor 'momentum' to get to the client PC, but it's very easy to overshoot the taskbar of the client PC and 'fall' back to the server PC.
Is there any way to adjust this? I have to SNAP my hand upward to get off the server PC on the left/primary monitor, and it's not a great time.

To make it even weirder, moving between the secondary monitors takes no effort- so that's what I'm doing- there's just no resistance on either side of that transition line.

Is this something that I can adjust?

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