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SSL for the Personal Use version should be standard


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I just bought Synergy and was surprised to see that everything including the clipboard is transmitted in clear-text when two Synergy clients are in the network. The contents of your clipboard are readable by everyone in the same Wifi regardless whether you are actually pasting to the other PC or not. I find that quite annoying and dangerous as i also use the autofill features of KeePass on a daily basis which uses the clipboard to transform passwords to applications.

In an age where browsers mandate secure connections and laptops connect to networks that are not in your on control it seems to be very risky to expose the clipboard in that way. I expect the regular user wouldn't even notice that security risk.

IMO the smallest version for 29$ should not be offered as it is right now. Either make secure connections a default or properly set user expectations that data is transmitted over an insecure network and provide sane defaults such as confirming that the network the synergy clients are connected to is secure to communicate over an unencrypted connection.

Why was it decided in the first place to discount the product by removing the users security?

A workaround is to disable text and image copy and paste in the settings.

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suggesting a workaround for users
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