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Some things are not working right: Missing Keys, Keyboard Maps....


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My setup:

UK Windows 11 desktop (main) and USA Windows 11 laptop (client)

1) Main issue:

The "hash/approx" symbol key next to the enter key on UK keyboard has no affect - nothing appears on the main or client screens. Obviously this is a major problem for me.


For context, this also happens with Barrier Software as well - but Mouse without Boarders works ok

2) With Barrier, I use my uk keyboard setting on my USA laptop and keys are sent correctly. With Synergy, I have to use USA keyboard map to receive the correct keycodes from the UK keyboard. This isn't a problem for me as it saves toggling the keyboard maps when I take the laptop out - just an observation.
(If I select UK Map on the USA machine, the keyboard sends the wrong characters!) 



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