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Does Synergy 3 require internet access?

Mike Van Pelt

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Mike Van Pelt

The "phone home" requirement to configure was a major pain point for me in Synergy 2, and one of the reasons I went back to 1.

I was very happy with Synergy 1 for years.  Since retiring, I don't currently have a need for it myself, but I've been recommending it to others, with the caveat "Stick with Synergy 1".   Just today, I discovered that there was a 3.

The latest person I mentioned Synergy to would be very unlikely to consider it if it he couldn't use it on his stand-alone LAN.  (He'd probably be happy with Synergy 1, though.)

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Hey Mike,

Looks like Synergy3 will work completely offline, including during configuration.

From https://symless.com/synergy/news/synergy-3-beta-launch :


Synergy 3 Beta works completely offline (i.e. local network only). Unlike Synergy 3 Beta, Synergy 2 was permanently connected to the Internet [...]

Optionally, you can activate Synergy 3 Beta over the Internet, but this is purely for customer convenience. An offline serial key option is available for those who want to keep everything local.

I'll leave it up to the devs to confirm as I haven't bothered switching from 1 to 3 myself (nor do I plan to until there's a feature I want, e.g. working copy and paste.)

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