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Screen Layout: Severe problems with > 2 devices horizontally


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With more than 2 devices horizontally ...



... it is severely difficult to arrange them because the containing box is too small.

It would be nice if one could zoom out or if there would be scroll bars.


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For anyone still seeking a solution, from main Screen Layout window click View->Toggle Developer Tools then find the div that contains screen config which has class="screen-layout standard-page" and add a style to it: zoom: 50% or whatever percentage neccesary to contain all your screens


Not sure this would help in every scenario but it did it for me. Be careful not to change width value, in my case it rendered everything off that screen which made me remove and add all computers again.

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  • Synergy Team

As a workaround, it's also possible to resize the computer boxes in the screen layout (by clicking and dragging the edge of the computer boxes) to make them smaller so that they can fit beside each other:

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