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Screen Layout: Multiboot: Overlap? Flip? Multiple layouts?

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as a feature request, I would like to be able to use Synergy in a multiboot environment without having to take manual configuration measures any time I switch environment.

In the following screenshot, you can can guess that "ThinkPadE580xxx" is my multiboot device.


I have to manually re-connect those properly when booting into another environment. The other problem is, despite being in the other environment, the greyed out computer still has the Keyboard/Mouse designation and I have to explicitly switch that each time I boot into the other environment.

Maybe this can be solved by allowing overlapping or by featuring multiple layouts and some kind of logic support: "if ('ThinkPadE580Lin' is online) then use Layout-X else use Layout-Y".


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I realise this could partially be solved like I did in previous Synergy version: Being able to just layout ThinkPadE580Win and ThinkPadE580Lin side by side. If then one of them is offline, the mouse will just jump it.

I.e. please solve

... and then please solve that mouse/keyboard will be bound to the online device.

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