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Move focus to next window not working if Stage Manager is on


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On macOS Ventura [13.4.1 (c) (22F770820d)], moving focus to next Window stopped to work when running Synergy 3 RC 1.

The default shortcut on macOS is CMD+`, but it doesn't seem to be related to the shortcut, it doesn't matter if I change the shortcut, it still doesn't work. If I turn Stage Manager off, it works.

Has anyone experienced similar issue?


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It seems that moving focus to next Window (of same application) haven't stopped to work, the behaviour has changed when Synergy 3 RC 1 is active though:
- Pressing Cmd+` will stop moving focus at the last window, instead of continue to the first window one (default behaviour)
- It's still possible to press Shift+Cmd+` to move focus to the previous window, but it will stop at the first, instead of continue to the last one

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