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When screensaver activates on client, it disconnects and doesn't reconnect (RC1)


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Upgraded my personal PC (which is the main PC w/ KBM) to Synergy 3 RC1 today. In addition, I have a new work laptop that i also installed it on which is connected to an external monitor. I've run Synergy 1.1 on this Main PCs and my old work laptop w/ monitor for 2+ years now. 

The issue I am having revolves around the work laptop screensaver activating. When this does, this laptop client disconnects (which I can validate in the logs) and moving the mouse to the monitor connected to the laptop does nothing. It won't stop the screen saver and won't reconnect. I have to open the laptop and use the local keyboard to stop the screensaver and resume login, at which point it reconnects and works as normal.  It is also worth noting that no random disconnects occur while actively using both the client laptop and master PC, only when the screensaver activates on the laptop.

I can't tell what the issue is or how to resolve it and I've been pulling the few hairs left on my head out trying to for a few hours today. Locking the laptop via screensaver activation doesn't log me out, so the service should stay active as well.Unfortunately I can;t run scripts on the work laptop or I'd just run a keepalive PS script. 

I'd love to hear if other people are having this issue or if I just need to give up and go back to Synergy 1.1.

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