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Will not run on Ubuntu 22.04


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I am a big fan of what Symless is trying to do with Synergy.  I have paid for every version. Having said that, I am very disappointed in this release.  I had such high hopes after the disaster of version 2. This version just won't run on Ubuntu 22.04.  This piece of software can't even make the ~/.local/state/Synergy directory properly.

I am not Wayland:

/opt/Synergy# loginctl show-session "$XDG_SESSION_ID"
Failed to get session path: Caller does not belong to any known session.

It appears that loginLauncherPre.sh depends upon $GDM_ID existing, and in my case, doesn't.  Yes, I have a graphical UI, it works just fine. I currently use Barrier for my KVM. Yes, I did completely uninstall it. Barrier works just fine in my environment. 

Any insight into getting this to work would be appreciated.  



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