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Synergy 3 Install Report and Keymappings Win <--> MacOs Issue


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Longtime satisfied Synergy user here - I have just instantiated the new V3 on several machines and the process of install/setup and discovery was actually quite seamless! First time I can remember where everything linked up quickly on the first try. (the server, a Win10 Pro machine never had Synergy installed, two laptops, Win10 and MacOs Mojave both had earlier installations which did not seem to interfere)

It may also help that we've also recently upgraded the Wifi AP's and router at the office, (recent Netgear and Ubiguiti AP's).

The issue that I'm having now however is wrt to keymappings on the Mac - in the mappable options only "Shift", "Ctrl" Alt" & "Super" appear to be available, where "Command" and "Meta" have been in previous versions. I've used these before successfully, but can't see how to implement now.

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Go to the "Developer" menu in Settings and there's an option to `Enable meta keys in modifier keys`. I had to do this for the same reason (Win10 Server, Mac client)

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Not Telling

Where is the "Developer" menu in Settings? I don't see it on either my server or client machine.

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Apparently they renamed things in RC2, it's now the "Miscellaneous" item under Settings instead of Developer. The option is the same name though.

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