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On 6/4/2023 at 3:02 PM, Tijnz said:

I have a server (Windows 10) and my client is MorphOS

The client is running (old software version, since I can't see where the update it) and is trying to connect.
I've disabled security on both.
In the logs on the Windows 10 server, i keep seeing:
synergy-core [2023-06-04T14:58:18] - WARNING - unrecognised client name "MorphOS", check server config

I can't seem to add the MorphOS (Mac Mini G4) by IP or by Hostname. It keeps saying: Connection Failed.
My network is Ethernet

Just tried RC2 on my Windows 10 machine as server.

I'm pretty sure that before RC1, I had that old Morphos Synergy1 client being able to connect to Synergy3 server.
Tried with SSL/TLS on and off and a combination on server an client.

Back to Synergy1 again!

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