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Use keyboard/mouse from any computer, or profiles maybe?


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Hi there,

I'm using Synergy 3 Beta, v3.0.70.34-beta, and I don't know where to post ideas, so I hope i'm in the right place. And sorry for my bad english.


1 - Profiles, with different screen positions, since some computers can be notebooks and may change position, or with my situation where the main computer changes (more on that later)

2 - Use keyboard/mouse from any of the configured computers

3 - Keep computers from sleep, when keyboard/mouse is in use

So, explaining...

Ideas 1 and 2: My main computer can change. I have two monitors, that I share between two computers. One of these computers runs windows (for games), the other runs linux (for work) and I have two old notebooks on my right. So when I switch the main computer I'm using, I have to open synergy, change the layout (so the leftmost computer is the one I'm using) AND set these computer to be the one sharing. With profiles these changes would be easier, or if any of the keyboard/mouse could be shared (without having to open synergy and set the main one). Mouse without borders has this feature (if I'm using keyboard/mouse from one computer and start using the other one, than that becames the main one). If not automatic, I shortcut maybe?

Idea 3: When using "Windows hello" (is that right?), my notebook sleeps and asks for autentication, based on an automatic feature... I turned on the feature to stop computer from sleeping (which... I think is not available anymore) and I does not sleep... ever (even when I'm not using it)

any thoughts?

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2 — I doubt it's possible. Synergy is using one computer as a server and the other one as a client. Your suggested feature is nice but I feel like it's breaking the core concept that remains the same since Synergy1.

3 — Same here, it does not sleep. And if I put it to sleep, any mouse movement on a Desktop computer wakes up the laptop that keeps on trying to sign in with "Windows hello".

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2 - Why it's breaking the core concept? Synergy is about controlling other computers through a keyboard and mouse, right? Synergy 3 beta has the option to change the "server" (the one sharing its keyboard/mouse) with some clicks (open synergy, click continue, click on the three dots of the computer you want to "serve" and "Use this keyboard and mouse")... Well.. if this option is available manually, why not automatic? It's "just" (easy to say) a question of "which physical hardware is been used? ok, now this one is the server"... no?

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Jim Harriger

I have a similar question/suggestion. I have two setups where i use Synergy 3. work and home. At work i have a my main windows machine and my laptop (windows). at home i have a Mac as my main machine, and i set my laptop up next to it for work use.  When i move back and forth between home and work, the only way i've gotten Synergy to connect is to reset synergy on the laptop and re-configure it. surely there has to be an easier way? hopefully something automatic?

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