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autostart synergy 3 beta ubuntu 22.04


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I have ubuntu 22.04 and synergy 3 beta.
It does not start automatically.
Can you tell me what is the synergy startup file?

I have /usr/bin/synergy selected.

But it doesn't work.

Thanks for your help.

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I have found 3 files:
1.- synergyc
2.- synergy-core
3.- synergys

Which one is the one that starts the synergy program?

For now, I have to start it manually. The synergy program does not start automatically. In other words, when I switch on the computer, synergy does not start.





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hi altor,

for ubuntu (and any other desktop environment that uses xdg in any way shape or form), you can do the following:

  1. open the 'start' menu
  2. search for 'autostart' - this should take you to 'system settings' / 'startup and shutdown' / 'autostart'.
  3. click '+ add"
  4. select '+ add application'
  5. type 'synergy' in the search box - this should take you to 'utilities' / 'synergy'
  6. click 'ok'

now you can either logout/login or restart and synergy will be automatically started.

do note however, that this will start the synergy application 'in your face'. still need to find out how to start it minimized instead.

hope that helps you out.



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Hi, Ubuntu 22.04 didn't work for me, although it gave me the idea of how to fix it. First, you have to go to STARTUP APPLICATIONS, and put the following:

/opt/Synergy/synergy %U


I still need to know how to start the application minimized.



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My previous response was only partially solved because it started maximized. With your proposal, does the application start minimized? Thanks



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