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Mac Accessibility support for scroll gestures/modifier keys


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I was using Teleport KVM for macOS which worked great and had lots of features not yet available in Synergy. However the project has been abandoned so I recently switched to Synergy 1 Pro, and now the Synergy 3 beta.

One feature that I really miss is the ability to press the Control key on my keyboard while scrolling with my mousewheel to zoom in and out. For some reason Synergy does not respect the control + scroll gesture on the client machine.

Is there some configuration option that allows the control key to be passed to from the host to the client machine, so that it can be used as a modifier key, and so control + scroll gesture will work on the client machine to zoom in and out?

I've tried setting the "Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom" to any of the modifier keys (control, option, command), but none work on the client machine when I'm using the host keyboard/mouse.

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