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one monitor shared between windows server with key and mouse and linux client without key and mouse

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That's the setup I need to use this with. I have the paid single user license.

I installed the server on my windows machine. Then I moved the keyboard and mouse to the linux box switched inputs on the monitor and installed synergy as a client after login on the linux box. It immediately found the server. I then moved the key and mouse to the windows server, switched inputs on the monitor and saw that the server saw that the client was connected. All good right?

I'm not able to control the linux machine using the key and mouse on the windows machine. I can switch the monitor inputs and see that the client is connected to the server and vice versa. No keyboard or mouse on the client.

I'm on windows 10 and ubuntu 22.04 lts. I have chosen xorg as the client login environment. There are no errors or indications that there is a problem.

Am I missing something stupid like a key combo to switch between machines?

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Sorry for the maybe stupid query, you said, you installed the server on the windows machine, but have you also configured it?

Have you under Configure server → Computers → Add Computer created your linux machine with the exact name and placed it on the right position?



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FYI, I was able to configure and use a single monitor with a linux server and a linux client.
A few things to consider:
1) The server and the client are connected to the tv monitor via 2 separate video inputs (each).
2) The tv monitor's remote is used to switch between video screen output from each of the two connected inputs.
3) The mouse and the keyboard is connected to the server.
4) The links section in the synergy config file is empty!
5) The options section in the synergy file has keystroke() entries.

The relevant sections in my synergy.cfg or synergy.conf file are:

section: links

section: options
   keystroke(Super+alt+0) = switchToScreen(SERVER_NAME)
   keystroke(Super+alt+1) = switchToScreen(CLIENT_NAME)

Credits to Robert:

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