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1.14.6 bug on MacOS ? PULSATING dock

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MacOS 12.6.1 Monterey on MacBook Pro M1 (16 GB RAM)

Installed 1.14.6 the other day on all my home setup : 

Middle - MacBook Pro M1 (work) - this is my synergy server when I'm Working From Home

Left - MacBook Pro M1 (personal - but I use it for work too)

Right - Linux AMD Ryzen Ubuntu 22.04 - also use it for work stuff

Right "bottom" : Linux AMD Ryzen Thinkpad Ubuntu 22.10

Anyway - today I'm at the office, with only my work MacBook on my desk - and I notice that my dock/launcher is kinda "pulsing" or "pulsating" (what's the difference?) - I can see something trying to expand the dock next to the vertical bar on the dock separating most of the dock from the trash can - but then contract when it couldn't do whatever it was trying to do - and I couldn't figure out what it was - it was alarming - like something was doing unauthorised SHIT on my MacBook - a trojan or a hijacking?

So I incrementally started removing apps I didn't need, and checking my process tree (in bashtop / bpytop) - but it kept happening.  Google variations on this perplexing conundrum, without any results... Logged out... Rebooted... Change Mission Control from "Displays have separate spaces" back and forth a few times (each time requiring logout)... Nada Zippo...

Then I noticed SynergyS in my process tree - so I right clicked it in the top menu bar, hit stop, then quit - AND - my DOCK STOPPED PULSATING!


So - if anyone sees this happening - Synergy is almost certainly the culprit.

I've been using Synergy on Mac for about 18 months - first time I've seen this - only seems to have happened with 1.14.6...

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Update : this only seems to happen when using the ethernet port on dual HDMI dock (which was sold / advertised as "driver less" but actually NEEDS a driver / software running to use a 2nd HDMI monitor!  HyperDrive 10-in-1 [warning: don't buy this rubbish - the 2nd "Driver Less" with a driver HDMI port maxes at 30 Hz {on my 144 hz QHD monitor}]).

This does NOT happen when using a Belkin USB-C ethernet dongle...

It also still happens in 1.14.5 (yeah I tried rolling back).

Anyway - I still use that garbage dock (HyperDrive) - at work I have a pair of 24" FHD monitors and the glitches are less notice-able - and - I don't need Synergy when I'm in the office.

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i wind up getting a row of synergy icons that will not "show in finder" or "quit" until i kill everything off and SIGHUP Dock.app.

i have windows minimize to app icons in my config. i'm going to try running entirely via launchd and a shell script to see if that keeps it from swarming me.

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On 11/28/2022 at 8:06 PM, UnixOutlaw said:

Update : this only seems to happen when using the ethernet port on dual HDMI dock

do you specify hostnames/ipv4 addresses in your synergy configuration? as aliases? i do spend time on vpns and have multiple interfaces that come and go, maybe that's the root cause of my problem with the duplicating dock icons.

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Hi @emory - no - I just mostly use avahi/bonjour/zeroconf...  I don't have any Windows systems, e.g. "machine.local"...  it's mostly plug and play (but not always - i.e. sometimes MacOS insists on $hostname.local binding to wifi - and - I ALWAYS eschew WiFi in favour of ethernet - so - sometimes I have to plug the IP address of the server machine into the client when avahi/zeroconf hogs itself onto the WiFi adapter).

It's just MacOS <-> Linux (Ubuntu)...  Server MacOs, with one MacOs client, and one (or two) Linux (ubuntu 22.x) clients...

I only notice this at work when I'm using the shonky HyperDrive ("Driverless" but only works with InstantView by Silicon Motion - a driver by any other name?) dual display adaptor and fortunately - I don't need Synergy at work (sometimes it won't end from the apple menu bar - so I have to go to a shell and pkill it - which is fine - I'm a UNIX sysadmin)...

But I do when I'm at home, and my Belkin ethernet dongle works fine with Synergy.

So - it's less of a bug with Synergy maybe, than with the shonky HyperDrive "dock"...  


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