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MAC connection fails


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My synergy works fine after startup, with a MAC m1 being the server and a windows laptop as the client. At random times, the connection will just break and until I restart the mac, connection always fails from the client side. I've checked the logs and I can't see any warnings or errors that would cause this. Restarting synergy I would get the error:

[2022-10-06T10:41:20] INFO: stopping synergy desktop process

[2022-10-06T10:41:20] ERROR: process exited with error code: 9

[2022-10-06T10:41:28] INFO: starting server

[2022-10-06T10:41:28] INFO: config file: xxx

[2022-10-06T10:41:28] INFO: log level: INFO

[2022-10-06T10:41:28] INFO: log file: xxxx

[2022-10-06T10:41:28] NOTE: started server, waiting for clients

2022-10-06 10:41:28.857 synergys[35406:339776] starting cocoa loop


If I understand the cacoa loop line then it's switched ports? Any help would be appreciated. I've tried killing synergy and restarting it. In the config the port numbers are still the same, but cannot connect until I restart the entire OS, which really cannot be done as often as required just for Synergy


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