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very simple request: Latest stable build link


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I have a machine that is rebuilt every startup for security reasons, so I have a build script that reinstalls synergy on boot and copies over settings.

It's been working well until 1.14, when I was hit by the "hold button = disconnect" bug.  I realized my script was still installing 1.10 because I couldn't get the file name for the latest.

Can you create a file that points to the latest version?, i.e. 


with the contents:



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agreed. frankly, I'd be just as happy to have a single place on the symless site that didn't require me to login to find out that a new build was released so I could automate checking daily for new releases. the releases page requires a login, which means that there's no way to find out the current release notes unless you're logged in, there's no feeds from the site and the only thing close to the current version number is on their public synergy-core repository, but the changelogs don't match and the release dates don't always match either.

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