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Auto select text config file depending on server ip address.


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The idea is to be able to create profiles which link server IP addresses using a configuration file.

When we work in two places, we can have different hardware on each. Then configuration needs to be changed manually each time we swap places. The feature could resolve the problem. 

It could be implemented together with the feature wherein the client we could define a list of servers' IPs. Then the client should attempt to establish a connection to one of the servers (iteratively checking server availability). If the server is available, the connection should be established. 

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This is my number one pick. I go back and forth between home and work and the two locations have quite different IP configurations. I was merely thinking an easier way to pick a configuration, but using the IP address is even better. That being said, it is quite possible that one could have an IP address such as 192.168.1.nnn at multiple locations. So either iterating between a set of choices would work, though I could also imagine at a largish work place, more than one server appearing.

At a minimum, a drop down menu or similar, to select between a handful of setups would be very convenient.

All that being said, this is one really great product. I also like its singular task, please don't bloat it out with a bunch of unneeded features.

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I came looking for this very feature and am adding my voice to the request.

I, too, move from work to home and could use the capability to have two (multiple?) server IP addresses to configure which setup is to be active.

Just being able to enter two IP addresses in the current field that would be cycled through would be very helpful

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Moar Screens

I'm also trying to figure out how to switch between two configurations and having a feature as suggested above would be great.

Until now, I've been using my (Unix) laptop as the server at home and work with a single client connecting at each location. At home, the client is on the left and the work client was on the right so I had a single configuration for all three with the server in the middle. That's been working fine but I've decided I want a consistent setup with both desktops on the same side and I can't seem to manage it.

I've got scripts to set up my VPN depending on where I am so I'm trying to mess with the configs in those but I haven't cracked it yet. I've got a few more options to try before I rearrange my desk again.

Good luck.

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