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Preventing use of a monitor


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I have a laptop and desktop. The laptop has two monitors -- its internal screen, and an external USB dongle monitor. Basically I'd like to prevent Synergy from ever positioning the mouse cursor onto the laptop's internal screen. Is there any way to do this? Perhaps by use of additional software?

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  • Synergy Team
Daniel Evenson

Are you thinking that you don't want to move from another computer on to the laptop built in monitor? Or from the connected external USB monitor? 

If from another computer, yes, Synergy can be modified to do so (config file or OS settings).

If it's within the same operating system, then no, you would need to use another app. Or perhaps change the display setting from Extend to duplicate/mirror.

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Yes, from another computer.

Basically, what I have now is my desktop computer monitor, and the laptop's USB monitor sitting side-by-side. With Synergy, I can easily move from the desktop screen to the laptop screen. But then when I'm on the laptop screen, it's easy for me to move the cursor off the USB monitor and onto the laptop's internal screen, which I'm not looking at and I tend to lose track of my cursor.

If you could point me to the relevant config file settings, that would be helpful.



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