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Windows 10 service?

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Hello, I'd like to run my synergy client as a service so that I don't need to login and ideally have access to the keyboard and mouse for logging into windows. As it stands I am passing through my usb devices to my VM, logging in, launching synergy (shell:startup currently), and reconnecting those devices so the VM doesn't have them. Then I use synergy as normal to access the VM going forward. This is obviously not ideal, and I'd like the connection to be automated during boot up.

So I'm hoping there is someone who knows how this can be achieved. I've tried adding synergy under gpedit.msc as a startup script, but that doesn't really seem to achieve what is needed.

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I did not find a way to do what I was asking, but I've found a way to login with my ms account automatically.. and so I'll just rely on that. I don't really need security for windows since it's already behind my root password to start the vm

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