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I know it takes some black magic to make all of these OSs talk to each other and try and work together.. But using this product adds more frustration then convenience.  I just tried opening Firefox on my mac and was given a bunch of errors that it couldn't start right and needs to run in safe mode.  After spending 20 min troubleshooting and removing firefox.. What was the issue? Synergy...  Synergy decided it was time to just lock the "option" key for me.  So when I tried this morning.. boom...

I am fairly new to this and see that there was a version 2.0 and version 3.0 in the works.. Can you guys just work on a basic client that just works?

Anyone else have any alternative solutions to Synergy that consistently works?  I shouldn't have to make and use a hotkey to "restart the server" multiple times a day...

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