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Hot Keys & Ctrl Atl De/PauseBreak

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Hi there,

I cannot seem to send a control alt and delete command to my client computer. Client and server are both windows 10. Server is my personal workgroup machine, client is Domain connected work laptop. I am using Synergy 1.12.2-stable-a52ccb2d

I have tried the guide changing settings on the client in GroupPolicy and Elevate mode to always, this did not able Ctrl Alt Del, or Pause/Break. I have also tried creating custom HotKeys to acheive sending ctrl alt del command to remote client using ctrl alt pause (see attached image).

This is something I have never been able to get to work, but now bothers me more than ever that the client is a domain machine which you must press Ctrl Alt Delete to initiate password entry, before now my client machines with windows 10 you could just click the mouse to open password/pin prompt (workgroup machine).

Thanks in advance.



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