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Mac Mini (2012) Can't See WIn 10 server


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Hi All,

Coming back to use Synergy again after a few years and have been unable to get my Mac to even see the PC server.  Everytime I try to get my PC (server) and Mac Mini (2012 version on Mojave - client) to connect I cannot get the mac to see the PC Server, nor can I type anything into the Client server box field - it just shows *itself* 'Mac Mini' as the server option. 

I am offered no option to name the client or do any editing in any of the client fields. I cannot try any of the IP Address combinations because Synergy allows me no options to edit anywhere - it's as if I am missing a setup screen on the mac client.  Also - if I try and make the Mac Mini the server, I cannot setup a client - drag and drop is not working. 

Nothing blocked by firewall, all sharing on, on same network, have disabled ethernet to force wireless - I am out of ideas. The Mac will not see the PC and *everytime* I try to configure Synergy on the Mac, I have to close it and then it will not open/restart for me - I have to reboot.  Something obviously is hanging up.

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

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